Metal Building Erection

We got our start in the same manner as many other businesses, the Building Division of Henningsen Construction was born out of need.  As our fledgling company was forming in the late 1940's it became apparent that it would need to expand.  With no contractor around we took matters into our own hands and in 1950, with a group of asphalt workers, we built our first Quonset hut.  Other businesses in the area took note and asked if we could build one for them too...the rest as they say is history.

Over the past 70+ years we have refined our workforce into one of the most highly skilled group of experts in the field and have completed thousands of projects.  Our buildings have evolved over the years as well (although we sill enjoy the occasional Quonset hut).  We have constructed projects for the Agricultural market, the Industrial/Commercial market, we have built for the private sector as well as for government municipal entities.  We have built churches, offices, warehouses, hangars, retail stores, manufacturing facilities, gymnasiums, and many other types of buildings.  It is safe to say we have seen a lot of changes over the years, but one thing has always stayed true...our commitment to helping our neighbors.

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